About Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming presents unique challenges over swimming in a pool. Swimming in the lakes or surrounding waters of South Whidbey is a delightful experience when the challenges of open water are managed. Many of your swims are organized through a Facebook group called 'Whidbey Open Water Swimmers". Check out this group if you want to join us.  We also sponsor an open water event in the sound that may be of interest for the stronger swimmers who like salty water, The Whidbey Adventure Swim, scheduled for Sept. 14th. It includes two distances, the longer is equivalent to swimming the Clinton-Mukilteo ferry run or equal to the swim part of an iron man triathlon. This event is reserved for the more experienced swimmers. Read description closely if interested (Whidbey Adventure Swim)

Proceeds to benefit the South Whidbey Parks and Aquatics Foundation, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to make parks and aquatics activities accessible to all residents of the South Whidbey Island community by raising money to fund capital expenses, operating endowments and scholarships as well as supporting new and existing parks and aquatics programs. Information: info@swparksandaquatics.org